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Merchant&Mills Tailor's Tool Roll

Merchant&Mills Tailor's Tool Roll

A versatile tool roll holder with 15 assorted pockets. It can be adapted to be worn around the waist (view 1). You can use either leather or webbing on the inside of the roll, if you are using leather we’d recommend something fairly lightweight like a goat’s leather. We do not sell leather hides.

Skill level; Intermediate

You can fill your tool roll with whatever you like! We have filled it with the following items • 25 Finest Needles  Baby Bow Scissors  Bamboo Point Turner  Betweens Needles  Bodkin & Threader  Dressmaking Pins  Easy Thread Needles  Leather Needle Wallet  Observations Notebook  Reds Extra Sharp 10” Shears  • Tape Measure  Long Darners  Xylan Thread Clips  Wide Bow Scissors  Studio Scissors

Samples in our pictures are Antique Oilskin, Olive Dry Oilskin and Khaki Dry Oilskin. As well as oilskin you could use a mid – heavy weight denim or cotton canvas.

All seam allowances are 1.5cm unless stated otherwise and are included in the pattern.

Finished measurements:

Open – 45″ x 57″

Closed – 31″ x 20″

You will need:

Matching thread

11cm x 0.5cm flat elastic

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