Suitability Travel, Show and Grooming patterns

Suitability Travel, Show and Grooming patterns

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Everything you need for that trip to the big show! Includes instructions (but not actual patterns) to make one set of 7' long stall curtains consisting of one back curtain, two side curtains, one front curtain, one set of front door curtains with tiebacks, a front double valence, and name panel. Patterns are included for three different valence styles, one complete alphabet of lettering, and four different horse appliques. Also includes source information for curtain fabrics. To get your horse safely on the road, are patterns for two styles of fleece-lined shipping boots, leg wraps, and a leather head bumper. One style comes over the horse's knees and hocks, the other ends below. Also includes instructions for leg bandages. Once at the show, you'll be super organized with a grooming apron and tote. The apron has five pockets; the tote has four outer pockets and four inner compartments. Easy to sew and make great gifts!

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