Folkwear Schnittmuster South Asian Tops and Wraps

Folkwear Schnittmuster South Asian Tops and Wraps

Artikel-Nr.: FW 134

An exotic mini-wardrobe with Burmese jacket, Thai wrap blouse, and Indian choli to wear with a sari. Pattern also gives instructions for making three types of knotted frog closures and wearing the traditional sarong skirts and sari. Lengthen the tops for different looks or to showcase luscious fabrics.

Suggested fabrics: For the Burmese Jacket and Thai Blouse, choose medium-weight cotton, silk, or lightweight wool. For the Choli, choose light to medium-weight cotton or silk. For the sari and sarong wraps, choose lightweight silks, synthetics, or cottons. Sarong can also be made from wool jersey, challis, or crepe. Fabrics with nap or one-way prints are not suitable for jacket or blouse.

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