Folkwear Schnittmuster Victoria's Boudoir Aktion!

Artikel-Nr.: FW 302

This pattern presents a sampling of varied designs and techniques that can be used interchangeably to create an authentic Victorian bedroom.  The quilt cover and matching pillow shams are sized to fit modern quilts and pillows, and feature gathered insets of contrasting fabric.  Two authentic cutwork designs are given for embellishment of purchased sheets and pillowcases, and for the doily shapes.  The doilies can also be enlarged into dresser scarves.  Three throw pillow shapes echo the quilt cover with insets and lace.  Three embroidery designs are given for the pillow shapes and are scaled down for use on three identical sachet shapes as well.  Instructions and a diagram for making a dust ruffle is also included.

A proper Victorian woman always wore a nightcap to bed, so we've included a self-ruffled, circular mobcap.  Finally, a recipe for potpourri is included to lend the perfect floral Victorian fragrance.

Suggested fabrics: 

Quilt Cover and Pillow Shams: light or medium-weight cotton or blends (Not recommended for fabrics with pile, nap, or one-way design).

Dust Ruffle and Nightcap: Lightweight cotton or blends; silk; satin

Throw Pillows and Sachets: Light or medium-weight cottons or blends; velveteen; silks; satins; taffeta.  Muslin for lining.

Doilies: Linen; medium-weight cotton.

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